Our offices offer seamless service across practice areas, no matter where our clients reside.

Our main practice areas are:

Administrative Law:

KLF attorneys have extensive experience in handling a variety of administrative law claims and issues.
We represent clients in all aspects of countries regulation, including administrative appeals and litigation before the courts. We are well versed in the requirements of administrative acts, which deal with administrative hearing and adjudication, administrative investigations, administrative rule making, licensing, and regulatory enforcement.
We assist clients in the areas of business and economic regulation, industry restructuring and deregulation, contracting and project development, trade regulation, economical cities and zones rules and regulations, privatization, …..

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution:

Binding arbitration can play an important role in resolving conflicts while avoiding litigation. Although binding arbitration may be the last resort in dispute resolution, it nonetheless provides finality and certainty, avoids costly litigation, and hastens a quick return to business as usual.
KLF is a leading authority in matters of mediation, med-arbitration and binding arbitration.
KLF is a highly recognized and accomplished leader in alternative dispute resolution, (ADR) methods and techniques. Through its masterful use of neutral evaluation, negotiation, mediation/arbitration and conflict management system design, it has achieved many notable successes. This is the kind of knowledge and experience that you want available to you when you are planning your dispute resolution systems design, and certainly when you are facing a difficult conflict issue that requires binding arbitration.
Some disputes require outright litigation battle to achieve resolution. Others are more susceptible to "creative" business dispute resolution.  This means looking for solutions beyond the obvious.  It also involves attempting to achieve results that are beneficial for both sides.
Our commitment has always been to provide superior service to all of our clients. We take pride in the talent of our attorneys, the depth of their expertise and the teamwork employed in responding to our clients' needs.

Banking and Financial Institutions Law:

KLF provides services around the world to money –centers banks, private banking and trust operations international and foreign banks institutions, investment banks, institutional investors, investment banks, savings and loans, insurance companies, finance companies, credit unions, mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage companies, as well as other financial institutions.
The firm's attorneys have extensive experience representing financial institutions, so their expertise enables them to advice our clients in a wide variety of matters in an efficient and cost effective manner.
Some examples of our banking and finance services are:

  1. Negotiation of real estate transactions related to financial institution facilities.
  2. Advice concerning loan transactions including review and preparation of loan documents.
  3. Counseling to and interface with financial institution board committees.
  4. Corporate trusts.
  5. Commercial loans, participations, and syndications.
  6. E- Commerce.
  7. Domestic and international financing transactions.

In addition to other many services.

Business and Corporate Law:

KLF offers comprehensive business and corporate law services, with national and international scope.
We represent entities and individuals in a wide variety of commercial and financial transactions world wide.
We also counsel our clients in all areas of law related to doing business in Lebanon, Arab Gulf, and world wide.
We counsel our clients on highly sophisticated regulatory matters that may have a significant impact in their business, and in order to achieve this we work closely with them in structuring, negotiating and executing their deals and strategies, through corporate attorneys with an ample range of expertise and experience.

Criminal Law:

The law firm you choose will determine the outcome of your case.
KLF have extensive experience fighting for the rights of people arrested and accused of criminal offenses. If you have been charged with a crime, you need an attorney with experience, that is why you need to turn to KLF.
We represent clients in any criminal defense matters, including felonies, misdemeanors, and all law violations.
Every client is our first priority, so our firm keeps in close approach with our client, and since we understand that going through criminal charges can be difficult, we will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you get quality legal representation.

Commercial Law:

We can help in both international and domestic commerce.
We understand the need of the business community, so we are entitle to offer proper commercial advice on a board range of commercial issues.
We offer general business representation to our clients including business formation and maintenance, acquisition, contract drafting and negotiation.
All our clients can witness our realistic, honest, and practical legal advice, through serving the business community and small business owners with respect, commitment and honesty.

Construction Law:

KLF provides a full range of services to owners, clients, prime contractors, construction managers, engineers, architects, subcontractors and material suppliers in matters involving breach of contract actions, changes variations and claims for delay, disruption and loss productivity.
The firm has extensive experience in drafting contract documents at every stage of the construction project process, from project conception through project completion.
Our lawyers are fully experienced in representing clients from the initiation of projects and preparations of contract documents through dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and trial.
We have worked on all types of construction project, ranging from buildings to some of the largest infrastructure projects in the world.

Information Technology and E-commerce - Internet Law

In the sphere of digital discovery there are many guide lines established, so KLF has used its high-Tech expertise, its deep knowledge lawyers, and its practical business transactions background to assist its clients solving their legal technological issues with creativity and efficiency.
We can advice not only in choosing the right E-commerce system web developing, and helping in resolving E-commerce transaction issues, but also advising businesses on proactive best practices for electronic document retention and digital discovery strategies.

Insurance and Reinsurance Law

The attorneys in our Reinsurance/Insurance section have advised the insurance and insurance-related industries for years. We have extensive experience litigating on behalf of brokers, insurers and reinsurers in serious disputes in Lebanon and abroad. We handle first-tier coverage disputes, but the majority of our representations involve industry disputes between brokers and reinsurers, or disputes between insurers and reinsurers.
KLF has one of the leading Insurance & Reinsurance practices. We offer our clients a team of specialists who can quickly identify the critical issues and regulatory risks and offer practical and commercial solutions.
The firm provides the complete range of legal services for the insurance industry. We draft contracts of insurance and reinsurance, coverage options and the defense and handling of primary, excess and reinsurance claims.
KLF’s lawyers have substantial litigation experience in representing both sides of the insurance claims or disputes. We also act as private counsel to various organizations related to the insurance industry.

Intellectual Property Law:

KLF has a specialized intellectual property group of lawyers representing clients in all matters of intellectual property including registration, protection, and maintaining of intellectual property rights.
KLF covers all of its clients’ intellectual property needs from litigation, prosecution, licensing and counseling  services relating to patents,  trademarkscopyrights,  trade secrets, to unfair business and unfair trade practices.
Our experts deliver new and innovative insight and services to our clients. Whether procuring the rights to a new idea or protecting ownership of an existing one, our copyright and patent attorneys bring experience, knowledge, creativity, and analytical rigor to every relationship. Our ultimate objective is to help your ideas achieve their full potential.
KLF prides itself on top quality work, superior customer service, and competitive rates.
We look forward to serving you.

Labor Law:

KLF has a solid labor practice section dealing in matters related to labor law issues and litigation, employment termination and benefit issues, and related contractual matters, in order to assist its corporate clients.
Our law firm represents individual employees, former employees, recently fired employees, employees wronged by their employers, those seeking to find out about their rights, and those who have been victims of consumer fraud.
Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to utilizing all available and necessary resources including years of combined legal experience to achieve fair, just, and desirable resolutions to disputes that occur in some of the most critical areas of employment law. We are highly qualified labor law attorneys who understand the importance of feeling comfortable in the workplace—especially when feeling comfortable means being free from fear caused by working for an abusive supervisor, being fired for an injury suffered on the job, or for some other illegitimate cause.
We pride ourselves on providing quality legal advice that is innovative, creative, and effective. When issues arise, our lawyers work with clients to produce solutions that maximize results while attempting to minimize costs.


KLF’s litigation group has developed a reputation for providing high quality, successful and cost effective representation in complex litigation matters.
Our lawyers devote their practices exclusively to litigation and most frequently are involved in matters related to civil and criminal dispute, commercial and insurance claims, intellectual property, construction, employment, and personal injury litigation…
Dedicated to serving our clients to the fullest extent, we are committed to representing people whose legal problems require the expertise of skilled attorneys. We aggressively pursue and defend the legal rights of people whose lives have been shattered.
Our mission is to provide aggressive, competent and caring representation where our clients' needs are the first priority and the quality of service provided is unsurpassed.

Maritime Law:

Maritime Law has its roots in the earliest forms of commerce. It is one of the oldest bodies of law which is believed to have originated from the water routes of the Mediterranean Sea by Lebanese merchants. The Maritime rules and laws continued to be developed and evolved in response to disputes and problems which arose over the transportation of goods over water.
We have very substantial unique experience in representing people with claims in regard to admiralty and maritime law.
KLF has a well established and extensive practice representing shipowners, charterers, insurers, shippers, and transactions related to maritime disputes and problems. KLF lawyers are also well versed in claims related to unseaworthiness, personal injuries, demurrages, liens, property damages, shipping documentation, salvage claims, collisions of ships and boats, cargo claims and subrogation, and wrongful arrest of vessels, among others.

Real Estate Law:

KLF serves the transactional and estate planning needs of owners of businesses and real property.
KLF advises real estate development companies, banks, contractors and sub-contractors on agreement for major construction and other real estate projects, as well as assisting in solving disputes related to the real estate development and construction, with wide-ranging expertise and experience, we can handle projects of any scale and magnitude.
We are a plaintiff lawyer firm with many convenient locations to serve you in Lebanon and all Gulf countries.
We represent landlords and property managers as well as other many clients.

Taxation Law:

The Firm provides assistance in every area of tax law.
We are involved in representing our clients' interests at all administrative and judicial levels, our attorneys have represented, negotiated and resolved many cases with the competent revenue authorities and appeals offices and courts.
We provide sophisticated international tax planning for major corporations, including tax optimization.
We also provide domestic tax planning in all jurisdictions of the world.

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